Junior Group Lessons, Ages 6-17

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Junior group kid golf lessons are a great starting point especially for the beginner golfer (ages 6-17)**. These are fun and interactive with other kids. We offer all levels from the beginner to the advanced. Our goal is for the kids to have fun, learn the fundamentals of the game, from swing, putting, chipping and etiquette. Prizes are given on a regular basis to help maintain motivation and make it more fun.

For the advanced junior golfers these groups offer controlled practice time for putting, chipping, swinging and sand shots. Each week we work on a different part of the swing, from keeping your lower body from swaying to extension on the follow through and finish.

Group lessons - Monthly $99 (8 kids maximum)
OR $249 for 3 months ($83/month)

  • 8 - 9am: Advanced (by invitation)
  • 9 - 10am: Intermediate / Advanced
  • 10 - 11am: Intermediate / Advanced
  • 11 - 12pm: Beginner
  • 3 - 4pm: Intermediate / Advanced
  • 4 - 5pm: Beginner / Intermediate

* Additional days and times available - please contact us for availability
See if you like it first at a no charge Free Trial (*ages 6-17)


Semi-Private Lessons

The semi-private lessons are limited to 3 or 4 students. Individuals are grouped together by family and friends, and kids can form their own group. We have organized serveral family lessons where the whole family can learn and have fun together.

  • Semi – Private Lessons - $145 monthly (4 lessons per month with 4 kidsmaximum)
    • or $375 @ 3 months advance ($125/month)
      • Slight additional charge for adults

Private Lessons

Private lessons provide an individual swing analysis and a closer study of the swing, swing plane , impact on the ball and on-course playing lessons. With a private or semi-private lesson the learning curve is much faster. These lessons are designed for the junior golfer and adult who would like to bring his game to the next level.
Video swing analysis by the advanced V1 golf software. This provides a closer study of the swing where golfers' swings can be highly analyzed and improved. These lessons are for the junior and adult golfer who is serious about their golf game.

  • Private $60.00 per 30 minutes
    • $110 per hour
      • $300 for 6 - 1/2 hour lessons
        • Extended Lessons 8 hours $725 ($125 per additional student)

On Course Lessons

Our golf course classes offer golf course management, rules, etiquette and most important time playing golf. It is vital to spend time learning the game where it is played, on the golf course. So often students learn the entire game on the range only. We teach the entire game, not just the golf swing. You'll learn from actual golf shots on the course.
  • Intermediate/Advanced - 9 hole play on the course 4 times (once per week) @ $300 month
    • 3 months of golf course play $825
      • On course instruction typically has 4-5 students
        • Excellent preparation for High School and College golf
          • On Course Lessons available only to those enrolled in regular lessons (on driving range)

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