TOTS on the TEE

This golf program is for the "very beginner golfer" ages 3 to 5.
We work on the "tiny" basics of the swing. We develop the natural ability by having fun swinging a golf club, putting a ball and chipping into a target. A 20 minute private lesson to accelerate the learning curve and get them ready for the golf course and advanced learning.
* An assessment can be made to see whether a 5-year old may join 6+ year old group.

  • Initial lesson $35 Let’s see if your child likes golf
  • *$35 per lesson Minimum 4 lessons
  • 8 Lesson package allows a lesson on the golf course
  • Many parents do 2 lessons per week

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MOMS on the TEE

We all know Dads play golf! For Mom's who don't play, we offer The Mom's on the Tee! They can learn to play and we include a lesson on the course. We offer a program just for her, or her and her friends! Learn to play in a stress free and fun enviroment at a beautiful location at your own pace.